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From Monday to Thursday, students take classes in the morning and afternoon, with a break in between for lunch. After afternoon classes end, there are approximately 2.5 hours of free time. Students choose when during this time to eat their dinner in the dining hall. At 7 PM, a structured group study session begins. On Fridays, students go on industry tours, leaving in the morning and returning early to late afternoon. On most Saturdays and Sundays, students participate in organized activities. 

All students take the same subjects.  
Courses are Physics, Chemistry, Python (Computer Programming) and Mathematics* 
*Mathematics is split into three sections depending on the level of math taken during high school.  

On Fridays, students attend an industry visit. Weekly activities include Science Bowl, Major Exploration, and other group events. Past activities on the weekends have included going to the beach, community service, and other recreational activities. 

Yes, BRIDGE has three main components: (1) Summer, (2) Fall class (3) Continued Engagement. After successful completing the summer program and the Fall class, students will earn 3 UConn credits. This fall class, with in person components at Storrs and Stamford, and virtual access for Hartford, Avery Point, and Waterbury. This class is designed to be accessible and not overly challenging, with the primary goal of providing a GPA boost. It serves as a continuation of the BRIDGE program’s support, helping students maintain their momentum and confidence as they progress through their first year of college. 

All weekends are mandatory. Each weekend has planned events and activities for all BRIDGE students. Weekends are when students make lasting bonds with their peers and become more engaged in program activities.

Students will have free time after your last class each day, after evening group study sessions, and on weekends. There is a mid-week break on Wednesdays – an additional hour during the week. 

Free time averages approximately:

  • Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays: 4.5 hours per day 
  • Wednesdays: 5.5 hours per day 
  • Weekends: 6 hours per day 

For the duration of the program, students receive a meal plan for Monday through Friday. On weekends, it is necessary to provide your own food. There are dozens of options available on or near campus, from grocery stores to take-out restaurants, including a food court at the center of campus. Coaches will be able to help students figure out all of the weekend dining options.

No, because it will not be necessary to participate in any of the BRIDGE activities. Freshmen at UConn are not allowed to have cars on campus.

Students are expected to dress casually and comfortably for classes and most activities. Specific events like industry tours require business casual attire.

BRIDGE provides ample support for students through our coaches. If you’re finding a subject challenging, coaches are available in classes, during study sessions and after.

Students are encouraged to use electronic devices responsibly. During class times and study sessions, the use of devices should be focused on academic purposes.

The dining halls cater to various dietary needs, including allergies. Please inform us of any dietary restrictions or allergies in advance so we can accommodate your needs.

UCONN’s campus is equipped with safety measures including campus security, well-lit pathways, and an emergency notification system. Each dorm also has an RA (Residential Advisor) for additional support.