Financial Aid & Support

The BRIDGE program fee is $1995 USD. Understanding the financial aspects of higher education, the BRIDGE program is committed to supporting our students through a combination of fellowships and scholarships. These financial aids significantly reduce the $1995 program fee. Fellowships are awarded based on need, as determined through a student’s Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) from the FAFSA, and are designed to discount the admission cost to BRIDGE. Importantly, students with high financial aid needs will have their program fee completely covered, ensuring that the program is accessible to all, regardless of financial background.

Sliding Scale

The BRIDGE program is dedicated to ensuring accessibility for all students through a sliding scale financial aid system. This approach tailors aid to each student’s specific financial situation, ensuring equitable support. Based on your demonstrated financial need, as assessed through your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC) from the FAFSA, aid can range from partial to full coverage of program costs. Particularly, students with high financial need can rest assured, as they will have the entire cost of the program fully covered, allowing them to participate without financial burden.

Future Support

Beyond the summer program, the BRIDGE initiative extends its support well into your college journey. As the program concludes, we proudly award scholarships totaling between $50,000 to $60,000 for the academic year to students who have shown remarkable effort and a positive attitude during their time in BRIDGE. Many of these scholarships are renewable, ensuring continuous financial support for our most dedicated students. The program also includes a one-credit course in the fall semester, specifically designed to continue assisting students with college management. This course covers vital areas such as resume building, time management, and other key skills, while also providing a GPA boost. Additionally, every student will have the opportunity to be paired with an upperclassman mentor. These mentors offer invaluable guidance, aiding in both academic and personal growth, ensuring a smooth transition into college life. At the Vergnano Institute for Inclusion, we are committed to your academic and professional development at every stage of your journey.

Future Opportunities

In addition to academic and scholarship support, the Vergnano Institute for Inclusion actively engages in empowering students through employment opportunities. We employ several students each year, involving them in various community efforts. This not only allows them to gain practical experience and develop professional skills but also provides them with financial compensation. These roles are designed to enhance the students’ learning experience while contributing positively to the community, ensuring that they receive both professional growth and financial support during their time in the program.