Why Attend?

6 Good Reasons to Attend This Workshop

  1. Learn practical curricula and create engineering projects for the classroom.
  2. Gain exposure to the range of engineering careers, disciplines and core concepts that will improve your students’ ability to make informed career choices.
  3. Participants will attend a workshop devoted to favorite classroom demos. Teachers are welcome to present their favorite.
  4. Networking opportunities with engineers from industry and academia.
  5. Collaboration with other teaching professionals interested in bringing engineering to the classroom.
  6. Tour engineering laboratories, attend seminars, engage in discussions with teachers and professors on cutting edge topics in engineering, science and education.

Why Introduce Your Students to Engineering?

Statistics show that more than half of your students choosing to pursue science, engineering or mathematics degrees at universities will select engineering as their major.

Engineers are diverse and often creative individuals who use technology to design and enhance artificial organs for humans, space vehicles, methods for environmental cleanup and pollution control, computer networks and operating systems, dental and surgical ceramics and bonding materials, super-strong plastics, airports and water treatment plants, transit systems and highways, “stealth” technology for defense, automobiles, robots…