Tools Clues F2021

Tools Clues Bios

Please review the bio prior to your session! You will introduce the presenters name ONLY and let them know when they can begin presenting. It is your job to help facilitate questions and conversation. Please also note that you may have two presenters in your room. If that is the case then you will be in charge of watching the time and introducing both!

Tools Clues Session 1
(12:00 - 12:45)
Assigned Presenter(s) Tools Clues Session 2
(12:50 - 1:35)
Assigned Presenter(s)
Courtney Luker Leah Mummert

Atta Seck

Courtney Luker Leah Mummert

Atta Seck

Veronica Sadil Lauren King Laura Murphy

Sara Sadiya Saulat

Afrida Hoque Lauren King Laura Murphy

Tasneem Ahmadullah

Sneha Kelkar Kyla Drewry Ashley Leung

Kathleen Rowland

Brie Westenfield Allison Surian Ashley Leung

Kathleen Rowland

Amelia  Geist Srushti Balagali Kianjai Huggan

Monica Mohtasham

Jacob Zakrzewicz Shreedula Balakrishnan Kianjai Huggan

Nefeli Bompoti

Calista Prem Linnea Ballor Lauren Knapp

Stefanie Dabkowski (Parilla)

Katy Miller   Lauren Knapp

Stefanie Dabkowski (Parillo)

Shreedula Balakrishnan Allison Surian Alexabdra Aponte

Heather Fabian

Samantha Stofflet   Alexandra Aponte 

Heather Fabian

Afrida Hoque Danielle Crevecoeur Danielle Napoli

Sita Nyame

Emma Braten Danielle Napoli

Sita Nyame

Melissa Santos Lixing Counsilman Emily Bousaada

Samantha Knoll

Danielle Crevecoeur Emily Bousaada

Samantha Knoll

Dwaritha Ramesh Jacob Zakrzewicz Mykel Mendes (industry)

Anna Marie LaChance

Veronica Sadil Katie Regan Christina Ryan

Anna Marie LaChance

Katy Miller Brie Westenfield Monika Arbaciauskaite Haley Donovan Calista Prem
Samantha Stofflet Kayla Turner Sneha Kelkar Monika Arbaciauskaite
Emma Braten Amelia Geist