Tools Clues F2021

Tools Clues Bios

Please review the bio prior to your session! You will introduce the presenters name ONLY and let them know when they can begin presenting. It is your job to help facilitate questions and conversation. Please also note that you may have two presenters in your room. If that is the case then you will be in charge of watching the time and introducing both!

Tools Clues Session 1
(12:00 - 12:45)
Assigned Presenter Tools Clues Session 2
(12:50 - 1:35)
Assigned Presenter
Ayla Perosky Kia Huggan (grad) Ayla Perosky Lauren Signor (industry)
Ashley Sciacca Hermana Henry (industry) Kaylee Estremera Randi Mendes (grad)
Calista Prem Sadiya Saulat (industry) Calista Prem Kia Huggan (grad)
Shayani Parida Diana Avram (industry) Anshika Pandey Hermana Henry (industry)
Courtney Luker Allysa Garcia (industry) Courtney Luker Sadiya Saulat (industry)
Veronica Sadil Atta Seck(grad) Tina Ryan (Industry)
Bailey Millis Amy Hernandez (Industry) Bailey Millis Allysa Garcia (industry)
Ashna Prakash Rachel Kennedy (industry) Dwaritha Ramesh Atta Seck(grad)
Czara Mangahis Stephanie Krietler (industry) Czara Mangahis Amy Hernandez (Industry)
Emily Rabinowitz Elena Ford (grad) Mory Toure
Katie Megale Lauren Knapp (Industry) Katie Megale Stephanie Krietler (industry)
Emily Rondeau Jessica Maita (grad) Nicholas Sabillon
Luna Fukami Maria Ramirez (industry) Luna Fukami Lauren Knapp (Industry)
Ingrid Magallanes Ephrat Most (industry) Nina Huczko
Melissa Santos Elizabeth Cole (industry) Melissa Santos Maria Ramirez (industry)
Kyla Drewry Sadie Walkter (grad) Sharon Uwanyuze Ephrat Most (industry)
Tessa Houlihan Emily Bousauda (industry) Tessa Houlihan Elizabeth Cole (industry)
Stephanie Cuervo Mikayla Moody (grad) Lindsay Barnum Sadie Walkter (grad)
Samantha Stofflet Victoria Blair (industry) Samantha Stofflet Emily Bousauda (industry)
Nathaniel Rodney Sita Nyame (grad) Mikayla Moody (grad)
Kaley Luk Ashley Leung (industry) Kaley Luk Victoria Blair (industry)
Rebecca Riter Sita Nyame (grad)
Emma Braten Kathleen Rowland (industry) Emma Braten Ashley Leung (industry)
Srushti Balagali
Danielle Crevecoeur Mykel Mendes (industry) Danielle Crevecoeur Kathleen Rowland (industry)
Stephanie Okyere Randi Mendes (grad) Stephanie Okyere