Student Testimonials

After each session of Summers 2018, 2017, and 2020 we had participants fill out a post-program survey.  Here are their responses:

“I thought that this whole experience was very exciting and it felt good to step out of my comfort zone to try something new.”

2020 SPARK Camper, Week 2: Drones

“Thank you so much for putting together an awesome week! I really enjoyed all the projects and learned so much from them.”

2020 SPARK Camper, Week 3: Coding

“This week was amazing and taught me so much about engineering.”

2020 SPARK Camper, Week 1: Engineering Through the Ages

"This week was amazing! The counselors were helpful and funny, I learned a lot this week!"

Nina, Summer 2018: Coding Week

"I think this week was definitely a learning experience and I think all of the counselors were nice and very easy to talk to. Thank you for the great experience. They also did a great job at teaching us the material and it was definitely better than learning the material at my own school. Thank you again so much for everything. The pace was just right in my opinion. Overall, I think SPARK was great!"

Tenzin, Summer 2018: Robotics Week

"Thank you so much for running this program!  I can't wait to come back next year!"

Alyssa, Summer 2018: 3D Printing Week

"This was an amazing experience, that I hope I get the chance to do next year.  Thank you so much!"

Ariel, Summer 2018: 3D Printing Week

"I love that we all had fun during the week"

Jalese, Summer 2018: 3D Printing Week

"I love all the counselors!! <3"

Hailey, Summer 2018: All Weeks

"I loved this camp.  I hope I can come back next year."

Jade, Summer 2017: Coding Week

"I thought this camp was an amazing experience with amazing and passionate people. I will come back next year."

Zoe, Summer 2017: Robotics Week

"All of the counselors were extremely nice, and made me feel really welcome.  I gained many new friends, including the counselors!"

Gabby, Summer 2017: Robotics Week

"I loved all the girls.  I had so much fun learning more about different fields and being able to make my imagination a tangible object."

Sam, Summer 2017: 3D Printing