MYO Application

Application Information

The Fall 2021 MYO conference will be held on November 3, 2021. Because we are hosting this event virtually there is no limitation to student attendance. However, in the future Spring 2022 event, we will have a limit of about 18-20 students. 

For each girl who attends we will need to collect some basic information: first name, last name, and any known allergies of each participant. This information will be collected via the application link below. In that, you will note that we have asked for you to send an excel sheet to with the information of all students who will be attending. 

We will also need signed photo release forms for each participant. (Please print form and have students’ parents/guardians sign. Please then send a combined pdf of the scanned forms to  As we will be virtual for this Fall 2021 conference photos may be screenshots of students working in the workshops or with their tool clues presenters. Any photos taken will be used for our website.

The schedule of activities will be posted on this site and should be updated soon! That being said, the general agenda for the day will follow our previous virtual conference with minor changes. Please use that in the meantime to get an idea regarding the schedule for the day.  Registering for the event means that you intend to participate in all portions of the day.

In future in-person conferences: Since spaces are limited, priority will be given to schools that are able to attend who commit to a full day participation. Groups who must arrive late or leave early will be registered on a space-available basis only. Registration will be considered on a first come, first serve basis.