Jose Vasquez — BRIDGE Tutor

Color Group: Khaki

Tutor Subject(s): Calculus, Chemistry

Pronouns: He/Him/His

Nationality: Peruvian

Place of Birth: Peru

Hometown: Hartford, CT

Place in Family: Middle child of five

Favorite Color(s): Black, White, Blue, and Red

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Song: Enemy by Imagine Dragons

Favorite Movie: Chicken little (In spanish Mandatory)

Fun Fact: If I really like doing a certain activity, I will forget to sleep for a day or two as I will hyperfocus on that activity. honorable mentions: Gaming, tiktok, 3d designing, and reading a specific novel (Tales of Demons and Gods) really good novel 10/10 recommended.

Best Bridge Memory: Since my experience with BRIDGE was through covid, I didn’t get to enjoy to full potential of what it was supposed to be but no matter the case I enjoy every moment that I spend on it. By far my favorites were the outdoor sport activities

Reason for wanting to become a Tutor: I enjoy helping others when it comes to learning academically. I have been tutoring since the 5th grade and even now, I enjoy tutoring far more than ever. I also became an AAC Mentor which was an amazing experience as I got to learn new techniques in helping others as well as a lot of resources that can help out in the long run. Now that I can be a BRIDGE tutor, I’m even more excited to guide the upcoming students and prepare them for their college experience just like my tutors from BRIDGE prepared me.  

In my spare time I like to: Read manga/manhua/novels, Swimming, Roller skating. I also like building computers and going out to eat sushi with my friends. Lastly and honorably, I like gaming (shooters, open world, and fighting).    

Future Aspiration(s): As little, I always had my imagination to count on when bored, I would make structures from spare toy parts or any parts that I would find and I would spend hours creating random toy buildings and one of my favorite parts were making bridges and tall buildings and till now I love doing that which is why I went for Civil Engineering. My dream goal is to be part of a team who built a tall skyscraper and a bridge. Watching my imagination actually becoming true is one of the best feelings.      

Words I live by:

“If it’s out of your control, just go with the flow”

“Doing nothing is doing something”

“the earlier you start with your work the more sleep time you get” 🙂