Emily Root — BRIDGE Head Tutor

Color Group: Purple

Tutor Subject(s): Python, Physics

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Nationality: American

Place of Birth: Torrington, CT

Hometown: Thomastown, CT

Place in Family: Youngest sibling

Favorite Color(s): Purple, Light Blue, Green

Favorite Season: Fall

Favorite Song: I could never choose just one, but right now I’ve been listening to a lot of Lizzo!

Favorite Movie: Any of the Avengers/Marvel movies

Fun Fact: The superlative I got in high school was, “Most School Spirit.”

Best Bridge Memory: I was a tutor last year and I would say that my favorite memory from the program was getting to plan super fun (secret) activities that the students get to enjoy! I know secrets aren’t everyone’s favorite, but when everyone realized what event we were doing or what trip we were going on, it was really fun to see them get excited. I also really loved getting to work with the other tutors who became some of my best friends!

Reason for wanting to become a Tutor: I wanted to become a BRIDGE tutor while I was still participating in the program! The tutors that I had during my BRIDGE year were incredibly helpful and supportive. Although they were older than me, I felt very welcomed into the program and UConn as a whole. I decided to go into engineering to make the world a better place, and I think that participating in this program is a great way to start that journey. I want to be able to give the new BRIDGE students the same support that my tutors gave me and help with their transition into the School of Engineering.

In my spare time I like to: I like to listen to and play music, especially the piano. Although I haven’t been able to lately, I love to travel and explore new places. Instead, I have been watching movies and YouTube. I also play sports, like basketball, tennis, soccer, and running!



Future Aspiration(s): Throughout my life, I have had two main passions, STEM and performing. I know that I want my future to include both of these areas. While performing was not the first thing that I thought of when I was asked about engineering, I am excited to see how I will be able to combine them. My dream job is to work for Disney as an Imagineer. I want to combine the elements of both engineering and scenic design to tell stories and provide a source of entertainment and inspiration for others.

Words I live by:

“Remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think, and loved more than you know.”
“In the middle of every difficulty lies opportunity.”