bridge plus
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Bridge+ Program

Over the course of three weeks (August 9 - August 27th), graduate students will take the following courses and workshops (subthemes are examples and will change and expand):

  • Path to Ph.D.
      1. Creating a plan of study for coursework
      2. Identifying milestones for research, tentative dates for proposal and dissertation
      3. Applying for fellowships and grants
      4. Understanding how to plan and write a literature review, research paper, and scientific paper
  • Being a Mentee and a Mentor
      1. Planning an effective relationship with your advisor
      2. Creating effective peer mentor-mentee relationships with other graduate students
        1. Connecting with Bridge to Doctorate and other STEM-based graduate student success or fellowship programs
      3. Developing yourself as a mentor for undergraduate students
        1. Connecting BRIDGE+ participants with LSAMP students and other STEM-based programs for marginalized or underrepresented undergraduate students
  • Experimental Methods, Data Analysis and Results
      1. Using statistical analysis to plan your experiment ahead of time
      2. Organizing data and paper management
      3. Using Latex to write papers
  • Classroom Leadership and Teaching (a supplement to TA orientation)
      1. Understanding LMS
      2. Making connections with your students
      3. Positive dynamics with your instructor
      4. Bringing in your culture and experiences in the classroom
  • The Holistic STEMinist
    1. Developing a positive work-life balance
    2. Embedding self-care into your daily life
    3. Advocating for yourself


During this time, participants will also have built community and social activities and STEM challenges. Community and Mentorship will continue during the academic year.